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                                                             The color of peacefulness, profoundness and harmony; 
                                                             The symbol of trust, truthfulness and loyalty; 
                                                             The name of confidence, quality and reliability.

Blue Cross Bio-Medical (Beijing) Co. Ltd. a privately held corporation founded in 1990, is now one of the most respectable, professional and reputable manufacturers in the In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) industry worldwide. The motto of the company is well represented in its name. Blue Cross, the leeway towards a healthier life.

Back in 1990 when it was still in the era of latex agglutination assay, Blue Cross pioneered the concept and the technology-know-how in colloid gold Rapid Test and introduced them to China. Its first generation IVD product, HCG pregnancy test, revolutionized the entire IVD market in China and worldwide.

The great impact of its success was then signified and honored by the joined draft of the first China IVD Manufacturing Regulation for HCG test kit by Chinese Biological Manufacturing Standard Committee in 1992.

In 1993, Blue Cross was the first company to be awarded the certification by the Ministry of Health (MOH) of China for the manufacturing and sales of One Step HCG Urine Pregnancy Test.

From 1991 to 1997, Blue Cross allied with other related industrial partners in the Chinese IVD industry and finalized the “Pregnancy Testing Methodology and other Specifications in Chinese populations”.

Products of Blue Cross are synonymous of quality, personalized service and commitment to excellence. It is our goal to continually research, to build and to develop novel test systems to enhance the quality life of human kind.

Product development and marketing
Located in Vancouver, Canada, Blue Cross’s R&D department has excellent research facilities and a renowned professional team of researches specializing in IVD products. To ensure its leading position in the IVD market, Blue Cross works closely with reputable medical research institutes worldwide to keep up the top quality and innovation in its deliverables so that it can really meet a diversified range of market needs.

Proudly, today’s Blue Cross is able to offer to the world products of Fertility test, Infectious Disease test, Drugs of Abuse test, Sexually transmitted diseases test, Tumor marker test and Cardiac Marker test. Products with more than 100 specifications are available to suit a variety of needs. With more than 22 new products still under development, it is the strong commitment of Blue Cross to heavily invest R&D so that its products will be innovative, competitive in the coming years and many years beyond.

Blue Cross has been awarded GMP certification from the Chinese government (SFDA) and is also FDA, CE, EN ISO 9001, and EN ISO 13485:2003 certified.

What differentiates Blue Cross‘s products from all its competitors’ is the belief and practice of its core “end-to-end quality assurance” concept. It covers the entire production process workflow, starting from technology innovation, product design, material selection, production process optimization to quality control. More importantly, this realization is not just the routine engineering work, but with creativity and innovation that always put customer’s need and satisfaction in the top priority. This results in its internationally renowned brand name of “Blue Dream” into a health reality!  This also puts Blue Cross in the leading position in China’s IVD rapid test market, with the market share of over 60% for the past 10 years. Blue Cross is currently providing not only medical products but health care solutions and services to clients from over 70 countries worldwide. Within the sales network in China, its agencies and sales people scatter around more than 30 provinces and municipals, in 2000 local district and counties and in 30,000 town areas.

Based on our core competence in rapid test technology, high quality assurance in products, international renowned brand name, innovative R&D, customer-centric product design as well as strong sales network, the experienced management team and energetic sales force of Blue Cross will lead our life to achieve peacefulness, harmony, and higher quality.


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